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Stock available:
280.30 44lb. Bag Natural Pellets
281.40 Translucent Pellets
281.48 44lb. Bag Natural Pellets
281.48 Clear Pellets
288.60 Natural Pellets
288.70 44lb. Bag Natural Pellets
286.30 26lb. Natural Cartridges
286.80 35lb. Natural Cartridges

Stock available:
HPK20 Clear Cartridges
HPK21 Natural Cartridges
KS208/2 Natural Pellets
KS217 Natural Pellets
KS224/2 Natural Pellets
KS351 Clear Pellets

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Stock available:
2031 50lb. Bag Pellets - Natural, Brown, White, and Black (Brown discontinued; available while stocks last)
2022 33lb. Cartridges - Natural, Brown, White, and Black (All colors discontinued; available while stocks last)
2001 45lb. Bag Pellets - Translucent (Discontinued; available while stocks last)
2020 55lb. Bag Pellets - Natural (Discontinued; available while stocks last)
2024 24lb. Cartridges - Translucent (Discontinued; available while stocks last)
2035 50lb. Bag Pellets - Natural

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