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DC Distributing is your source for the entire line of Kampel products including laminate repair, caulking solutions and other products to support the kitchen, bath and wood industry.  

Kampel products  are available in a wide variety of stock colors. If you cannot find the color that you need, Kampel can custom mix a color for you. All you have to do is send them a sample of the color and they will match it.

Kampel SeamFil

For laminate repair: seams, butt joints, scratches or chips. Available in all colors of laminate. Simple clean-up with SF-99 Solvent.

Uses & Color Assortment
Seamfil SDS
SF-99 Solvent SDS
SF How To Use It Guide
SEAMFIL Product Sheet
Wilsonart Seamfil Mixing Chart
Nevamar Seamfil Mixing chart
Formica Seamfil Mixing Chart
Pionite Seamfil Mixing Chart


Kampel FloorFil

Made to match Laminate Flooring

How To Use FloorFil
Floorfill SDS
FF-99 Solvent SDS
Kampel WoodFil

WoodFil Epoxy
Filler in 7 colors, used for fast wood repair, does not shrink, cures in 60 minutes.  Use mineral spirits for clean up.

Woodfill Epoxy Product Sheet, Instructions, and SDS
Kampel ColorFlex

ColorFlex Acrylic Caulking
Available in all colors of laminate, used for sealing sink, joints etc.  Latex product will dry with flexibility and does shrink. Simple clean up with water.

Color Assortment
Color Flex SDS
Formica Colorflex Chart
Nevamar Colorflex Chart
Pionite Colorflex Chart
Wilsonart Colorflex Chart
Kampel ColorFlex II

ColorFlex II  Acrylic Caulking
Available in all colors of laminate and wood with a hi-gloss finish. Used where water is a factor.  Gloss finish when cured. Will shrink when cured. Perfect for solid surface application and detailing cabinet jobs.  Simple clean up with water.

Color Assortment
Color Flex II SDS
  Color Flex II Clear SDS
Kampel Axiom

Axiom 25™

Available in 8 stock colors of silicone and cannot be mixed to match. For use with solid surface and other hard surfaces where water is a factor. Use mineral spirits for clean up. Comes in 8 Translucent colors and clear.

Color Assortment
Axiom 25 MSDS




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