Sommet Series

New Tafisa High pressure laminate (HPL) now available. All products are available in the size of 5' x 9' sheets.
Sommet Series brochure
Cleaning & Maintenance
MSDS Surforma HPL
Surforma HPL Technical Specifications
Surforma HPL: Transport, Storage, Handling & Conditioning


(Top to bottom, left to right: M2031(B) Creme de la Creme, M2032(B) Treasure Trove, M2033(B) Simply Gallant, M2034(B) Home Sweet Home, M2035(B) Black Tie, M2041(B) New Wave)



(Top to bottom, left to right: M2051(F) First Dance, M2052(F) Golden Light, M2053(F) Brass Band, M2054(F) Sunday Stroll, M2055(F) Ganache, M2056(F) Night Owl)



(Top to bottom, left to right: M2001(Y) Tete-a-Tete, M220(Y) Sunset Cruise, M2003(Y) Weekend Getaway, M2004(Y) Winter Fun!, M2005(Y) Sunday Brunch, M2006(Y) Tea for Two, M2007(Y) Casting at First Light, M2010(Y) After Hours, M2011(Y) Stargazer, M2013(Y) Summertime Blues, M2014(Y) Sugar on Ice, M2015(Y) Apres-Ski)

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