About DC Distributing

DC Distributing is one of the largest stocking edgebanding distributors in the USA. Our large stock includes many Solid, Woodgrain, and pattern colors as well as many sizes ranging from 5/8” up to and including 1-5/8” in widths and .018, 1MM, 2MM, and 3MM thick PVC and Wood Veneer edging. We also offer in house slitting and gluing of PVC. Our commodity colors (white, black, and grays) are stocked in master coils at 5-1/4” wide. And if you need it we do have Green Guard Certified PVC and can get others along with wood veneers.

DC Distributing was established around 1983 in Rockville, Maryland and moved to Pennsylvania in 1985. The business came under new management/ownership May 10, 2007. It is now known as DP Shultz, Inc. d/b/a DC Distributing.

Our team members are also well known for their customer service. Under the new management, customer service has become our number 1 priority. A live person will answer your call, and we do not have an automated phone system. Our Customer Service team will do the best of their ability to help our customers with all of their edgebanding needs. If we do not have the material in-house, our team will do the research for our customer, making all of the calls to various quality edgebanding manufacturers to try to locate the best matched material. Our customers are able to continue with their work while we do the research for them.

We also strive to continually update and replenish our stock to meet today’s standards. Our Team members work daily on color matching of new and replenished stock. We check a variety of manufacturers’ samples to get the best match for laminates and melamine surfaces. Our newest items include 3MM bamboo wood veneer edging and MKT ABS edgebanding covered with real metal foil to give the look of brushed aluminum and stainless steel. We also stock galvinized steel work station brackets in many sizes and colors, sanding belts in a variety of sizes, plastic cut files in fast or mill cut, and we help our customers with all Kampel products.