Workstation Grommets

We have a large inventory of wire guide grommets for institutional desks and tables. Grommets are stocked in many colors and common sizes. Our Grommets are composed of a two piece design with wire cut out in lid.  The lids are removable to be positioned where needed or each piece can be used separately. 

Round available in 1 7/8″, 2 3/8″, and 3 1/4″
Oval availible in 2 5/8″ x 6″
Paper Slot available in 1 3/4″ x 17 1/4″
Trash rings available in 6″ x 2″, 8″ x 2″, and 10″ x 2″

101 Grommets Schematics.pdf
102 Grommets Schematics.pdf

Our stock grommet colors are Black, White, Almond, Fog, Folkstone, Pumice, Walnut, and Chrome Powder Coated. Trash rings are available in polished stainless steel.
Almond Grommet
Black Grommet
Chrome Powder
Fog Grommet
Folkstone Grommet
Pumice Grommet
Walnut Grommet
White Grommet
Polished Stainless Steel