Sommet Series

New Tafisa High pressure laminate (HPL) now available. All products are available in the size of 5′ x 9′ sheets.
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Cleaning & Maintenance
MSDS Surforma HPL
Surforma HPL Technical Specifications
Surforma HPL: Transport, Storage, Handling & Conditioning

M2031(B) Creme de la Creme

M2032(B) Treasure Trove

M2033(B) Simply Gallant

M2034(B) Home Sweet Home

M2035(B) Black Tie

M2041(B) New Wave)

M2051(F) First Dance

M2052(F) Golden Light

M2053(F) Brass Band

M2054(F) Sunday Stroll

M2055(F) Ganache

M2056(F) Night Owl)

M2001(Y) Tete-a-Tete

M220(Y) Sunset Cruise

M2003(Y) Weekend Getaway

M2004(Y) Winter Fun!

M2005(Y) Sunday Brunch

M2006(Y) Tea for Two

M2007(Y) Casting at First Light

M2010(Y) After Hours

M2011(Y) Stargazer

M2013(Y) Summertime Blues

M2014(Y) Sugar on Ice

M2015(Y) Apres-Ski)