Your first and last choice for edgebanding.

March 3, 2020

When you have a project that needs edgebanding, the first issue you usually run into is , “who can provide the edgeband to exactly match to the laminate I am using?”   If that means you need a solid edgeband, wood grain edgeband, pattern edgeband or even a paintable edgeband, you need to find the right product to complete your project.

After you match the edgeband color, pattern and finish, then you need to make sure you can get the right edgeband size — both edgeband width and edgeband thickness.  DC-Distributing stocks a huge range of edgebands to match exactly what you need.  In fact, we provide a complete service to help you find the edgeband you need for your project.  We have a team of edgebanding experts to identify the exact edgeband you need.  You might not even know exactly what will work best….call and we will provide ideas and suggestions.  And best of all, we almost always have the edgebanding you need in stock for immediate delivery.

You have options to find the edgeband match you need.

DC Distributing want to be the first and the last place you call for edgebanding.


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